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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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mission for you, at my leaving London. I am going to send him, too, des pleins pouvoirs, for nominating a person to represent me at his new babe's christening.
I am sorry Mrs. Goldsworthy is coming to England, though I think it can be of no effect. Sir Charles6 has no sort of interest with the new powers, and I don't think the Rich-monds have enough to remove foreign ministers. However, I will consult with Sir Eobert about it, and see if he thinks there is any danger for you, which I do not in the least; and whatever can be done by me, I think you know, will. Adieu!
P.S. I inclose an answer to Madame Pucci's letter. Where is she in all this Modenese desolation7 ?
Hougliton, August 28, 1742.
I DID receive your letter of the 1 2th, as I think I mentioned in my last; and to-day another of the 19th. Had I been you, instead of saying that I would have taken my Lady's 1 woman for my spy, I should have said, that I would hire Kichcourt himself: I dare to say that one might buy the Count's own secrets of himself.
I am sorry to hear that the impresarii have sent for the Chiaretta. I am not one of the managers ; I should have remonstrated against her, for she will not do on the same stage with the Barbarina. I don't know who will be glad of her coming, but Mr. Blighe and Amorevoli.
'Tis amazing, but we hear not a syllable of Prague — taken, it must be 2 ! Indeed, Carthagena, too, was certain of being
6  Sir Charles Wager.    Walpole.
7  The Duke of Modena had -with-drawn from his dominions before the advancing Austrian and Sardinian
LBTTEK 93. — 1 Lady Walpole.
2 Prague was now closely besieged by the Austrians, but remained in